Business Consulting for Manufacturers

Clients have included manufacturers in the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe. Products have ranged from aircraft and components, to consumer goods such as automobiles, motor scooters, air conditioning systems, generators, and solar panels.  We have assessed the strategies and positioning of competitors and proposed new products, as well as forecast demand based on business scenarios jointly developed with the client. STG professionals have assisted a variety of business prepare for energy transitions.

Examples of Manufacturing Client Services

Workforce Training and New Technologies

As the technology of products has evolved, so has the need for training the installation and maintenance workforce to keep pace with these new technologies.  STG has supported and provided incumbent worker and student training in such areas as biofuels, hybrid and electric vehicle maintenance and solar PV installation.  We are also attentive to emerging issues, such as training for autonomous and connected vehicle systems. At the same time, we recognize the need for and provide assistance to businesses that have well-established training needs such as OSHA-10 for construction workers and Forklift training for warehouse operators. 

Examples of Training and Education Client Services