STG undertakes work in both the public and private sector.  Studies for private clients are typically client-confidential.  However, our work for public agencies and presentations in public meetings and conferences can be shared.  Examples are provided in the following links.

Training Needs Related to Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

This study assesses the demand and training needs for EV and Plug-in Hybrid vehicle chargers in the San Francisco and Montery Bay regions as fleets are forecast to grow.  This study was undertaken with funding from the California Community College System. 

EV Charging Station Study

US PV Industry in 2016 (Post Election) and Beyond

This study was presented at the SolarWorld Installer Summit in August 2015, providing a look ahead for the PV installation market.  A number of the clear trends and legislative issues, such as lowering costs and ITS phase-out, were correctly identified.  The need for Scenario Planning to address the uncertainties is particularly insightful looking back!

SolarWorld 2015 Presentation